If you’ve been burying your head in the sand until now and feel far from ready to face the lettings storm ahead, do not despair. 

Even if you’re feeling completely prepared, this simple and easy to follow 12-step plan will hopefully support and reaffirm your own findings, but also provide you with fresh ideas around your options and opportunities. 

All you’ll need to do is invest just a couple of hours each week. 

Our series of 12 unique tools and guides (the first download is available below) will help you:

1. Analyse your business costs and income streams

2. Review your services and how you operate

3. Understand your options and opportunities 

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Lettings agents are expected to lose 15% of their income on average as soon as the Tenant Fee Ban finally comes into force on 1st June. 

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Here’s the first tool completely free! Just click the download button to instantly access our ‘3 ways to find more landlords’. 

Growing your landlord customer base should definitely be a priority, and in this short guide, we explain how referral schemes, marketing activity and business development can help you achieve that.